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The Gabriela Mistral University Library has developed the following Academic Repository in order to preserve, disseminate and make available the full-text contents of the academic production developed by the different actors in the academic and research field of the University.
The UGM University at the beginning of the year 2017 incorporated the UCINF University, also adding that collection where we find memories, theses, degree works, academic magazines, speeches, books, digital and sound files. Contact:

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    • Thesis

      How video games help in the acquisition of vocabulary in students of 2nd medio 

      Rojas Ibarra, David Enrique; Molina Valenzuela, Marcelo Antonio (UCINF, 2014)
      This research investigation is about the acquisition of vocabulary of the students of a 2nd medio from the school, Industrial Las Nieves using a RPG (role play game) videogame that was selected for its huge popularity. The ...
    • Thesis

      Listening Skill and its influence in the aural recognition of specific vocabulary through the exposure of spoken english 

      Madariaga Curín, Valentina (Universidad de Ciencias de la Informática, 2015)
      English as a foreign language is a mandatory subject for all students of primary and secondary school. As any language, English is characterized for having skills that are elemental at the moment to produce speech and to ...
    • Thesis

      Recognition of visual and auditory clues af Ucinf University : 

      Mena Aravena, Nicol Paulina; Espinoza Gaete, Freddy. Profesor guía (UCINF, 2016)
      Research aims at investigating today how students are acquiring a second language, thus it is important to note that to achieve this teachers should be their classes based on the four basic language skills must know what ...
    • Thesis

      Seminario de integración : 

      Osorio Hernández, Sandra B.; Oliveros Toro, Marjorie (UCINF, 2009)
      This action research project was intended to investigate the efficacy of the use of audiovisual materials such as: song, movie trailers, TV commercials and movie sounds in the motivation and listening comprehension in ...
    • Thesis

      Spanish as L1 expected to support the acquisition of english as L2 and applied grammar. 

      Acevedo Gaete, Nurys (Universidad de Ciencias de la Informática, 2015)
      Learning a Second Language brings many different issues, as well as advantages, and one of the biggest issues is related to Bilingualism, involving the relationship between the acquired L1 and the ...
    • Thesis

      Students' learning styles and teacher's perception 

      Barquín Barra, Camila Fernanda; Lagos Jeria, Inés Alejandra; Matus Hurtado, Gustavo Andrés (2015)
      La situación presentada en esta tesina, se basó en torno a la consideración de los estilos de aprendizaje dentro de la práctica educativa promedio en la educación chilena. El objetivo de la siguiente investigación fue ...