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The Gabriela Mistral University Library has developed the following Academic Repository in order to preserve, disseminate and make available the full-text contents of the academic production developed by the different actors in the academic and research field of the University.
The UGM University at the beginning of the year 2017 incorporated the UCINF University, also adding that collection where we find memories, theses, degree works, academic magazines, speeches, books, digital and sound files. Contact:

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      Atributos del abogado 

      Manning, Bayless A. (Universidad Gabriela Mistral, 1986)
      El Abogado es un auxiliar de la Administración de Justicia y su tarea esencial, por tanto, es la búsqueda de las soluciones a los conflictos y problemas del orden temporal en que se otorgue o reconozca ...